Apply for the Ukraine Scheme


You can use this form to apply for the Ukraine Extension Scheme or the Ukraine Family Scheme. If you apply on this form we will only consider whether you qualify under the Ukraine Family Scheme and the Ukraine Extension Scheme. Each person must apply on a separate application form.

Ukraine Extension Scheme

To apply on this form you must:

  • be a Ukrainian national in the UK; or, be the partner or child of a Ukrainian national in the UK
  • currently have permission to enter or stay in the UK; or, have had permission to live in the UK previously, but it has ended since 1 January 2022
Read the guidance to find out about eligibility and how to make your application.

Ukraine Family Scheme

Use this form to apply to stay in the UK as the family member of someone based in the UK. At least one person in your family group must be a Ukrainian citizen. Read the guidance to find out about eligibility and how to make your application.

Before you apply

How long it takes you to complete the application will depend on your particular circumstances. You will be able to save your application and come back to it at another time if you need to.
If you are inactive for 25 minutes you will be automatically logged out.

Biometric information

This application is also an application for a biometric immigration document, commonly known as a biometric residence permit (BRP). You are required to provide biometrics (fingerprints and facial photograph) as part of this application.


How we use your data

The Home Office will use the personal information you provide to consider your application. We may also share your information with other public and private sector organisations in the UK and overseas. For more detail please see the Privacy Notice for the Border, Immigration and Citizenship system. This also sets out your rights under the Data Protection Act 2018 and explains how you can access your personal information and complain if you have concerns about how we are using it.

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